Cameron’s Care Packages and Houses

Providing impactful support and a loving foundation for parents and their young children in their time of need.

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Care Packages

Delivering Care Packages to local Children’s Hospitals with a focus on NICU families.                  Care packages provide gas, food, and 
other gift cards to help families facilitate spending more time with their child during their difficult time.  

Financial Assistance

Making financial contributions to local children’s foundations that specialize in rent and utility assistance for families experiencing hardships due to NICU/PICU hospitalizations. 

Mother and Infant Housing

Providing housing and support for young pregnant women across Eastern NC. Programs are designed to assist in developing a solid foundation for family success in life. Programs are available for up to 2 years post birth. 

What We Do

Providing impactful support and a loving foundation for parents and their young children in their time of need.

Cameron’s CPH provides a faith based approach to deliver Care Packages, Financial Assistance, and Housing opportunities for families in need.  


Our Story

Lynn Seyler,  Cameron’s CPH Board President – In 2014 my youngest son Cameron was born very sick and had to be in the NICU for two weeks while there I noticed that some babies didn’t have a lot of visitors and a nurse said that some of the babies families lived far away and had to work and take care of their families so they could come on weekends if they could visit. I honestly couldn’t imagine not being able to see my baby everyday. One night about six months after Cameron was discharged I was sitting on the couch holding Cam and I had the Holy Spirit tell me I could help families in the hospital to see their babies a little easier. That night Cameron’s Care Packages came to fruition. Since then we have taken up over 60 care packages to the NICU families. This past April once night I was sitting on the couch studying for my realty test and the Holy Spirit put on my heart that I needed to get the non profit 501C3 official and to add Houses to our name. We will now not only take care packages up to the local NICU but make a donation to the hospital’s medical needs fund for NICU families only which will help the families in their time of financial need for things like- car payment, house payment, insurance, utilities, tires for car so they can take babies home from NICU in a safe car etc.


The houses will be for young women 18 and older who are pregnant and are feeling like abortion is their only option. All babies are precious gifts from God and deserve to live in a loving home and we want to provide a safe loving environment for the moms and babies and a foundation for life that will help them be successful after they leave the house.



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Investing in ENC’s Future by Supporting Families in Need

It only takes one act of kindness to change the entire future of a person, a community, and the world. The child you help support may change the future for the better. Please consider joining our cause for a greater impact!